Monday, May 19, 2008

Hmm ...

... What’s So Scary About Evolution?--For Both Left and Right, a Lot. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

Only one view of human nature can be correct. Either we are the ensouled favorites of an omniscient deity; or we are biology and nothing else; or we are biological vehicles for a perfectly plastic uniform essence whose every trait is a consequence of the world immediately around us.

Really? I don't see that these are necessarily irreconcilable.

I notice that Taki Mag also has a piece by Bill Kauffman about Ron Paul. Kauffman declares, in his usual ex cathedra manner, that in the debates Paul spoke "in the lost language of constitutionalism." I saw those debates, and Paul struck me as one of those cranks you see atop soapboxes in parks. Of course I was one of those go-go-Goldwater kids - most of whom, by the way, thought Leonard Read was a bit a nut, too.

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