Monday, September 22, 2008

Harry Who? Da Vinci's What?
Pfft! Yesterday's Noise . . .

"Brisingr is the much-anticipated third book in the Inheritance Cycle fantasy series by young American author Christopher Paolini, who penned the first instalment, Eragon, when he was 15."


  1. I love this kid. I've only read the second book of the trilogy but it was pretty gorgeous, and I went into it expecting to be annoyed by it (just because of personal taste that tends to steer me away from fantasy/sci-fi, not because I had any preconceived idea about the writer). It's a smart but also deeply warm and vibrant book.

  2. Wouldn't it be a perfekk world if Oprah picked up on this? I know he's only 24; but, Keats wasn't that much older when he left for points elsewhere; and, for that matter, both Hank Williams and Marlowe died at the incredibly young age of 29. Sometimes, reverse age-ism really bugs my bum.

    LOL. (OMGulp. Maybe The Big O *has* featured him?)

    BTW, Katie, could you send me a copy of your book with your snaddie for payment (but only if you sign it, natch)? Frank's got my e-dress so you can drop me an e-line (and if show me yours, I'll show you mine). TIA.

    p.s. My "public" email worked all of one whole day. Egawds! The stuff that came my way . . .