Thursday, October 09, 2008

Church and quad ...

... His University Career Is Over, But Not His Academic Studies. (hat tip, Dave Lull.)

The professors in Mr. Lodge's books are not solitary scholars locked away in dusty old offices. The modern academy is a tightly interwoven community of competitive professionals, jetting off to conferences and writing to outdo each other in scholarly journals.
A far cry from Willard Gibbs, whom Eistein called "one of the most original and important creative minds in the field of science America has produced." Gibbs lived out his entire life in the house he was born in and walked from there to Yale and back. He was largely unknown except among his scientific peers. As William Gaddis has observed: "[I]t was not Einstein or Planck or Heisenberg, but Willard Gibbs who brought on the first great revolution in twentieth century physics."

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