Thursday, October 23, 2008

The debate continues ...

... Transhumanism 2.
... transhumanism is a utopian project and it is, in this light, that it should be assessed. Every age has one or many utopian projects. All fail ...

... transhumanists ideas of the self turn out to be incoherent. Transhumanists say they can fix that, but they offer to do so by changing me into something that is not me. I will be killed and replaced by another being they will call, for the sake of argument, Bryan Appleyard. He will be an imposter.


  1. I just checked out the "H+" magazine that sparked this whole thing off.

    In order for transhumanism to be a utopian movement, its promulgators would have to advocating it like some kind of national project or political movement. "H+" magazine does not suggest any such thing. Rather, "H+" strikes me as one of these glossy computer magazines where it just throws all of these ideas out like they are "products" you can soon buy at your local "Best Buy" store.

    How can this be misconstrued as some kind of utopian project? Judging from the H+ magazine, transhumanism is no more of a utopian movement than the 24hour fitness club network.

  2. Hi Kurt,
    I haven't looked at the magazine, but I did read Bryan's book, and he interviewed a wide swath of immortalists, many pf ehom do come off as rather utopian. So that is where is coming from and why he takes that view.