Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I agree ...

... mostly: Touristic Bias: Why Americans Overrate Europe, and Europeans Underrate America.

While we were on vacation, Debbie and I stopped at a classic country bar in a town called Meshoppen. Any foreign journalist wanting to get a handle on the U.S. should make the place a mandatory stop. Meshoppen isn't far from Tunkhannock, where I met Hermann Cruse a few years ago (along with some people from the Getty Museum). They sure had a chance to see the real America, and not some crap fabricated by Hollywood and the media.


  1. I don't mean to argue, but this whole "real America" thing is one of my pet peeves. LA and NYC and all the places where the "liberal eeeeeeleets" congregate are just as much "real America" as any podunk town. America is many things with many people; the whole quest to reduce to to one "real" place is nothing more than political posturing and closemindedness.

    On a less polemical note, Meshoppen is another name I know well!

  2. (waving from the back of the crowd) Also familiar with Meshoppen and Tunkhannock, from years spent in Dallas and Wilkes-Barre ... real nice and real American ... though the same could be said for many states and communities where I have lived over the years.