Sunday, August 30, 2009

That would include me ...

... 57% Would Like to Replace Entire Congress.


  1. Let us be careful what we wish for here.
    There have been precedents in history when a despotic ruler--notwithstanding precedence or constitutional restraints--dissolved the government (e.g. legislative bodies, judicial bodies, etc.) and imposed a reorganized government from the top down. No, it could not happen here. Right? Well, right?

  2. Good point. So: Let's throw all three branches out and start over.

  3. Perhaps you are being ironic or sarcastic.
    Again, let us be careful about what we wish for here.
    Yes, we could scrap the whole system, but what would we have in its place? Would you, for example, want those now in power making decisions about the new government? As for me, I get nervous when people talk about a constitutional convention and/or amendments, which I guess makes me a fossilized conservative. Perhaps I am more than fossilized. I'm becoming increasingly worried.

  4. Seriously, I don't think the poll suggests anything other than profound discontent over what Glenn Reynolds has called the worst political class in our history. I'm afraid we'll have to stick with what we got until the next go-round in 2010 (though there are a few races this year that bear watching).