Friday, August 28, 2009

On the road ...

... Returning from Elsewhere: Theories.

Going someplace I've never been always makes me feel alive, alert, aware, and undulled. Even on a long day of driving, if I'm on a highway I've never seen before, surrounded by lands, lakes, mountains, fields I've never seen before, I feel particularly alive. It is my goal, in the next few years, to visit all of the US National Parks, and every state in the Union. At some point I want to drive along the Canadian passage to Alaska. I love the north country, and I don't want to just fly over it to get a notch in my belt for visiting Denali, and making photographs there. Photography is the goal, but in a way it's also the excuse. Just going, being able to go, being able to travel, is equally important.

Well, I hope remembers to get in touch when he makes it to Pennsylvania.


  1. Sooner than you might think, either fortunately or not. I may have to drive out to Connecticut soon, to be with my ailing aunt and uncle, and help them out for a short period. They're failing rapidly at this point. You know that I moved back to WI to take care of my parents, I think? Anyway, not looking to repeat the live-in caregiver gig ever again. But I will need to pass through to CT a few times, in the next year or two, to take care of them, and possibly of their affairs. Trying to figure that out now.

    So, you bet I'll let y'all know.

    I also want to visit Whitman's home in Camden, across the River. Places of literary pilgrimage, etc.

    Thanks for the mention, AND for the thoughts!

  2. Oh, let us vist Mickle Street together, Art. And if you need a place to stay, it's just a two-story row house in South Philly, but trust me, we can work it out.