Sunday, September 26, 2010

Exhausted ...

We're just back from the talk I gave on "Metaphor and Faith" at Lansdowne Friends Meeting. I think it went well. A lot of preparation went into -- which is why I have been mostly absent from here that past couple of days. That sort of thing takes a slot of out of one, and I and am going to rest a bit before resuming blogging.


  1. But what a wonderful title for a talk! I always think of Frost making the point that "all metaphor breaks down somewhere."

    That one statement has probably been more helpful to my thinking process (such as it is) than any other sentence in the language.

  2. Will you publish the text of your talk here? I think a lot of your readers would appreciate the opportunity to read it. I certainly would.

  3. John Brumfield3:58 PM

    Yeah, Frank. I think a lotta your readers, including me, would like to read the transcript if there is one.