Thursday, September 23, 2010

An interruption ...

... blogging will resume later on for a most peculiar reason.
Last night, a fellow came to our door while I was watching the Phillies and handed me a civil action complaint ... regarding, I gather, an auto accident that took place a couple of years ago in Northeast Philadelphia.
I grew up in Northeast Philadelphia, but rarely go there these days. Also, of course, as readers of this blog are likely to know, I don't drive and don't have a driver's license. Hence, it would have been impossible for me to rent a car from Enterprise or any other auto rental concern.
So I thought I would walk the complaint back to the lawyer from whose office it came and explain all this to him.
Stay tuned.
Update: As it happens, it was very amicably settled by a phone conversation.


  1. This sounds as if it could be the set up for some madcap comedy of mistaken identity, or the start of a techno-thriller. Here's hoping it's none of them, but ends up being a mundane, easily resolved error.

  2. Well, as you can see, it was quickly resolved. But I think you're right: There is a seed for comedy there.

  3. Details! You public wants details! LOL.

  4. I think it all hinged on a middle initial. Mine is R. I think the guy they want is Francis G.As I told the lawyer in an email. I am much better known as Frank. But what are you gonna do. The official moniker is Francis. I did drive briefly in the '90s. Debbie wanted me to share the driving chores. So I got a license. Problem was, I didn't like driving and wasn't very good at it (except, oddly enough, in Center City traffic, where there could be no thought of driving at all fast. I was good sitting in line and waiting for the traffic to slowly move. Debbie, who is a very good driver, realized quickly that driving with me at the wheel was an experience she could easily and permanently forgo. So I gave up driving for good.
    I do think the application fo a little imagination -- I turn 69 in three weeks -- some farcical tale could be derived from all this.

  5. You'll probably be served with a paternity notice next (Ha).

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  7. Very funny, Paul. Very funny. I can only wish.