Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I promise you can make it as an artist!

I was driving through upstate Pennsylvania recently -- coal country, with guns and religion  -- and came across a billboard for a church that featured a modern day Jesus teaching a Sunday School class.  I couldn't stop in time to get a picture, but, just the other day and as if by divine guidance, I came across this website, featuring what it called "awkward Jesus" pictures...and this one:

It's called "The Introduction” by Nathan Green and is available for $1,495.00 in a limited edition canvas giclee here, which describes it as "a stunning portrayal of that first moment of man's special blessing from God. A brand new world sparkles and vibrates with color and movement as Adam and Eve gaze with a wonder and tenderness to set the standard for all time. This inspiring expression of love will enrich any space, certain to become a family heirloom. You will delight in its detail and beauty"

The artist, Nathan Green, seems to be doing okay too.

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