Saturday, February 10, 2018

Snowflakes in Princeton!

Professor uses the N-word, students walk out.
The chair of Princeton’s anthropology department, Carolyn Rouse, defended Rosen’s decision to use the racial slur. The purpose of the course, Rouse said, was to give students the ability to clearly state why hate speech should or should not be protected, using an argument other than “because it made me feel bad.” 
The underprivileged have to learn the language of the oppressor -- I cannot shrivel up in a ball every time someone talks about how trans people are mentally ill or sexual deviants or whatever.  It is so hard to take but how am I going to ever win any progress for us if I just collapse?  I have to take the hurtful insulting terrible language in order to fight them and claim my, and other trans peoples', rights.


  1. So...a mere three students walk out of a class that's clearly designed to be controversial (the title is "Cultural Freedoms: Hate Speech, Blasphemy and Pornography," for heaven's sake), and somehow...this is news? I'm not criticizing you, Julie, but this is the worst sort of clickbait on the part of the Huffington Post. It's designed to stir up anger on both the left and the right so both sides can see the worst in each other and hate each other further.

    ...and, clicking through to the reporter's source, I see that all she's done is hastily (and incompletely) rehash a report in the Princeton campus newspaper and then turn one student's remarks from the comments section into quotes for her own story. Not only is "college student dislikes content of provocative class" not inherently newsworthy, but the HuffPo story is also a seriously shoddy excuse for journalism, bordering, I think, on plagiarism.

  2. Thank you Jeff but see my latest posting on this -- the class has now been cancelled. So maybe not just clickbait :)