Wednesday, June 27, 2018

About Depression ...

I suffer from depression, and I think I've mentioned that before here.  If not, there it is.  But I have the  bi-polar side too, what used to be called manic as in manic depression.

Frank and I have talked about depression, and he thinks it may be caused by a virus/infection of some kind, and I get that too, but depression can be accelerated by external events, like bad news, or bad surroundings or bad events too.

But it can be lifted sometimes too for me, a break in the gray heaviness, the clouds lift and it is blue sky and sun.   That has happened recently and I realized I was falling in love with life again, when the birds talk, and the families are out, and the people are souls and the city is alive and I realize that I need to reclaim my place, and sometimes even discover it anew, in this world of interrelationships, which is terrifying yet necessarily and oh so life affirming when it is right and I am right within it.

So that is even maybe a third place, not manic, nor depressed.  And I understood yet again  "Do not worry little one."  


  1. It’s funny what you and share though we are so very different. When things fall apart for me, poetry like little else can restore me. I wish you comfort in your journey. Those not on such a journey cannot understand. For whatever it might be worth, I understand.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Julie. All the best to you!