Monday, June 25, 2018

Tracking the decline …

… Europe has lost its way in culture and economics – Orange County Register.

A generation ago Europe’s cities seemed safe, well-maintained and glorious while ours were often dangerous, debilitated and dying. Today Paris, arguably the most beautiful city ever crafted by humans, is graffiti-scarred and, in the wake of terrorist attacks, struggles to attract enough tourists. Crime, particularly property crime, is palpably worse — my wife’s Parisian relatives warned about not wearing nice jewelry or watches for fear of them being snatched. Once ultra-peaceful London, meanwhile, once the paragon of safety, in some months now has a higher murder rate than an increasingly safe New York.


  1. The journalist ought to do a better job of checking his facts. Tourism to Paris has increased, after a terrorism-related downward trend:

    My eldest son, who has business interests in Paris and often spends time there (at least 2x per month, several days at a time), does not report the same fears as the Parisian relatives quoted in the piece. I will ask him about the graffiti, however, since he hasn't mentioned it (In my view, graffiti -- street art -- can often be a plus.)

  2. The journalist is actually a specialist in urban studies.