Monday, April 27, 2020

Interesting …

 “Call It the Tucker Carlson Wing of the GOP”: The American Conservative Wants to Be the Atlantic of the Right | Vanity Fair.

Since its 2002 launch under founding editor Scott McConnell, the magazine has pushed ideas few other conservative outlets considered, namely opposing America’s wartime economy and the ongoing engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan that fuel it. On domestic and trade policies, TAC’s editorial line has long opposed the international trade agreements championed by adherents of global-market capitalism who ran the party pre-Trump. “We really want…[a more] humane economy, as opposed to just whatever the Wall Street Journal editorial board wants, or big finance and big business want,” Burtka said during a phone interview from his Pennsylvania farm, from which he regularly commuted from to TAC’s offices in Washington, D.C., before the pandemic hit. “We really want to look at what types of economic policies would empower families and local communities…[and to be] good stewards of the environment.”

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