Saturday, April 25, 2020


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Dr. Plachta was Dave Lull’s physician. Here is what Dave wrote to me about him:

I first met him early in my career when he was what we called back then a page (i.e., a young part-time shelver and gofer) at the first library I worked in, SPL’s Main Library (there were a branch library and two “stations” (storefront libraries) back then), and we talked about literature and medicine and his wanting to be a doctor.  I was certain then that he would be a great doctor.  He was. He was the first and only doctor I ever saw annually.  By then he had somehow come to specialize in older patients.  I was 50 when I first saw him and one of his nurses told me at the time that I was his youngest patient.  He truly was extraordinarily compassionate, with a wonderful bedside manner and a profound love for his family that was evident, and highly intelligent and thoughtful and competent as well.  
This is just so damn sad.
Sounds to me as if the world has just become a poorer place. Let us all say a prayer in Dr. Plachta’s memory.

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