Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Good question …

… Why did scientists suppress the lab-leak theory? | Matt Ridley.

Now we know what those leading scientists really thought. Emails exchanged between them after a conference call on 1 February 2020, and only now forced into the public domain by Republicans in the US Congress, show that they not only thought the virus might have leaked from a lab, but they also went much further in private. They thought the genome sequence of the new virus showed a strong likelihood of having been deliberately manipulated or accidentally mutated in the lab. Yet later they drafted an article for a scientific journal arguing that the suggestion not just of a manipulated virus, but even of an accidental spill, could be confidently dismissed and was a crackpot conspiracy theory.

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  1. By Republicans? Sounds like disingenuous damage control. This is a Biden win -- whether we can ever find out now or never, whether it was a lab leak. It's Biden's intelligence review. It's good that some Republicans are pulling the hooks out of their noses, and listening up. The previous admin was the one with the info problem, right? That's when the unannounced conflict if interest happened, when we had investments in the suspected lab. Where were these Republicans then? Too bad they couldn't out the previous administration for its corruption.