Sunday, January 30, 2022

Just so people know …

… On the "Pro-Choice" Position on Abortion | USCCB.

No Catholic can responsibly take a "pro-choice" stand when the "choice" in question involves the taking of innocent human life.

Resolution on Abortion (1989)

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  1. Not so. God takes these matters on a case by case basis, don't you think? The Bible is not as sure as some Catholics seems to be. In giving up and giving in to one side of the ensoulment mystery, they've created dogma where choice was destined to be -- a great reason why throughout history, Protestant churches have sprung up, and Catholics who remain Catholics take Catholic mandates and edicts with a grain of salt.

    There's an interesting "pro-choice" argument going on elsewhere too, isn't there. We all have a choice to do the right thing and get vaccinated and wear masks, etc. This is no mystery, but what we know: that masks and vaccinations save people from suffering and save us from dying en masse. Indeed, wouldn't it have been great if we did as well as China in saving millions of USA lives? They reported 2 deaths last year. We could have said that mandates were never needed to defeat the virus, that we in the USA did it, because given the liberty, the freedom to oversee our government, people make the right choices both for themselves and in hiring public health officials.

    Well, this turned out tragically not to be so. We've become a nation of hospitals overloaded with death, dying, suffering and spread of contamination -- and those are just the people who made it to the hospitals. Which goes back to the Catholic mandate against choice. The church sees the need to mandate rules that God never did, because they think they can even see through mysteries the common people cannot. Some want others to have a choice to do the wrong thing when it comes to masks and vaccination, but no choice when it comes to a holy mystery.