Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I am hard-pressed for time ...

... today, as I was yesterday. So blogging will be light until later on. But i wanted to pass along this, which I got from Dave Lull: Hey, Jude: The King James Version's Obvious Superiority.
I believe the King James Bible should be mandatory reading in schools because it is impossible to arrive at an appreciation of English literature without knowledge of the Authorized Version. How else will you know where east of Eden is or why the sun also rises? Otherwise, you may think the grapes are wrath are just a bunch of angry California raisins.


  1. Nor will you understand why Jacob's brother Esau was an hairy man. Put that together with, "The law is a ass, a idiot," and you should have enough literary nourishment to sustain for an entire day.

  2. Mr Virkkala makes a point in this essay that reminds me of a similar reason among others that some Episcopalians opposed, and even after almost thirty years are still not resigned to, the adoption of the 1979 version of the Book of Common Prayer as a replacement for the 1928 version:

    "Learning [the language of the 1928 Prayer Book] helps a person, Christian or otherwise, to transcend the narrow confines of our times.

    "And since Christianity is allegedly about transcending worldliness,
    then using [the 1928] version would make much more sense than sticking
    to some flapdoodlish modern text."

  3. I agree, I love the Authorised version. The Song of Solomon -- such poetry! Such emotion!
    Of course I am of a generation that had to read this version at school, so it has endured for me. I certainly agree with the point Dave quotes, which I think pretty well defines the experience of reading anything, come to think of it. As I tell my children, when they are reading a book, they are truly free.

  4. I meant the first of the two quotes, sorry!