Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rumors of decease ....

exaggerated: Amis is wrong about poetry's demise. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

So Derek Walcott is a Walter de la Mare fan.

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  1. Poetry's not dead. Paper bound poetry is dead. Rack jobbers killed it years ago. Why? 'Cause it deserved to die. Gatekeepers so far out of touch with bookstore tourists made sure bookstore poetry sections were lifeless and dull. So the tourists quit making the poetry section a destination, and the poetry sections dwindled in size 'til they became non-existent.

    And what's a paper bound poet to do at this sad state. Crying out loud seems to be the action most often taken.

    Poetry is 'curl up with a book' right? Mr. Amis is this month's example of someone who believes poetry doesn't happen without ink. What's that mean to me? It means I should skip any event where he's a featured reader or speaker.

    That's too harsh, huh? Well, it's a cruel world.