Sunday, June 10, 2007

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... Glenn Reynolds considers Andrew Keen's unhappiness: A wistful look back at big media's day.

... Bryan Appleyard ponders an unusual take on science and religion: He thinks physics proves Christianity.

...Edward Pettit looks at some murders in St.Petersburg: Mystery sequel concocted from 'Crime and Punishment'.

... I offer praise for Gregory Djanikian's poems: Poems of atrocity, and of joyfully Americanizing.

... Susan Balee likes some Philly tales: A collection that loves you back.

... Katie Haegele is much taken with an odd chess story: Young Adult Reader | 'Chess Set' opens up a realm of imagination and insight.

During the past week, Carlin Romano chatted with John Updike: The playful literary legend. (You can also listen to Audio: John Updike .)

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