Sunday, June 17, 2007

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... John Freeman revisits 9/11 with Don DeLillo: After 9/11, when lives lost their moorings.

... Roger Miller checks out the Waugh family: Analysis, great gossip from 4th-generation Waugh.

... Katie Haegele discovers how art is faring on the Net: State of 'Net art' way of the future?.

... Jen Miller weighs dog days in Manhattan: Brought together by their canines.

... Sandy listens, enchanted, to Khaled Hosseini's latest: Hosseini's second Afghan novel is, like its title, splendid.

... Carlin Romano finds yet another book solacing atheists: Slim, portable gift book for atheists. (I question whether Einstein was an atheist. He seems to me to have been a Spinozan, which is hardly the same thing. I also wonder about Voltaire, who I always thought of as a deist.)

During the past week ...

... Huntly Collins wrote a wonderful review of Jeff Gammage's story his daughter's adoption: An adoption story with beautiful depth.

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  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Jeff Gammage's book is stellar. His prose is the perfect marriage of craftsmanship and heartfelt emotion. Impressive.