Friday, June 08, 2007

A very good look ...

... at the WCU Poetry Conference, off The Inquirer's front page: For serious poets, the lines form here. (The Deborah McCaffrey-Wilson in the photo is my wife.)


  1. 1.) The writer doesn't define "serious" in regard to poetry. What does that mean?
    2.) To use the term "rock star" in regard to any academic poet is an insult to the poets out there (I know a few) who give rock star-like performances. I've seen scores of performances by university-style poets and can't say I've seen one who was much good at reading in public.
    (Anytime you and your colleagues care to test this. . . .)
    (I'm about to leave to see Frank Walsh read at the Tiberino Museum as part of the West Philly Carnevolution show. He's the best there is.)

  2. Lighten up, King, lighten up.

  3. By the way, the word serious is in the headline. The reporter doesn't write the headline. You'll have to direct your complaint to the copy editor.

  4. I'll lighten up when I'm dead. Until then. . . .