Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's that time of the week again ...

In today's Inquirer Reviews:

Kelly Jane Torrance explores Susan Vreeland's story of one of Renior's great paintings: A perspective on art from the inside out

Jessica Schneider discovers the ins and outs of the married lives of great literary figures in Katie Roiphe's new book: A literary world of vanity, trysts and pain

Glenn C. Altschuler unearths the silly scheme to steal Lincoln's body in Thomas J. Craughwell's account: Slapstick crypt caper made unduly serious

And though they're technically not book reviews ...

... Katie Haegele discusses the literature of Second Life: Second Life literati create 'book world'

... Carlin Romano considers the literary success of J.K. Rowling: Classic 'Harry'

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