Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hardly surprising ...

... '10,000 Hours' book a hit with Hollywood. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

... reading books that can't be made into movies isn't Hollywood's usual pastime. Yet the book seems to have become the topic of conversation around town, during holiday parties and Oscar soirees.
I rest my case.


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  2. Hehehehe . . .

    Welp, we'll have to start calling you Seer Frank (to match Seer Peter and Seer Lawrence). S'all there is to it. Recently came across a ref to Vance Packard — Name that tome! — and, it made me think of exactly you in this context.

    Mr. MG must appreciate the attention, however (since he's put in 10,000 hours in the journo-trenches and knows very well the worst press is no press).

    If we had a statistician onboard, I'd bet my Bambi Boots s/he'd prove his name appears in the top-ten list of authors mentioned on our Blog this year.

    Also, Mr. MG strikes me as the type who'd justify any negative — read: Not a Glow-Job — review as ill-thunk; he's very good at explaining (away) almost everything. Can't believe he keeps his dayjob, though. If I received fat royalty checks (in the US), I'd retire and make room for someone who needs the work, among several other reasons.

    I'm happy for him, in that respect (because, in this country, he'd be slag-bagged till the cows keeed over. We don't like success stories in Canada, eh? You do well? You don't get above your praisin' . . . or, so I'm told and told and told . . .).

    Wonder how many copies of The Greening of American, The Secret, etc. sold, rhetorically speaking.
    p.s. Couldn't allow former tip-slip to stand; but, boy, am I upset about the stand-alone's permanent lie-together demise, I guess