Tuesday, December 23, 2008

OT: Tech Question, Please and Thank You

When I post a message here on the blog, the Byline reads correctly: "Posted by JF." When Frank posts, the Byline also reads correctly, "Posted by FW." However, when the posts show up on Google in both Blog Search and Alerts, they are all attributed thusly, "By Frank Wilson." (Je n'existe pas.)

Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed since, as you know, Frank and I differ on many subjects; plus, I feel fairly confident speaking for him when I say I'm not sure he would like to be caught looking at the talent of his own gender. I do drool, IOW (although, sometimes, it's just a dribbly nibbly trickle. Example? Andrew Klavan. Wondering about his eye-shadow, ogling his baldiness, suggesting he consider a beard or moustache, the full-metal packet, IOW).

However, if I discuss the merits of Wonder Bra versus Victoria's Secret's lingerie at length, say, peeps might look at Frank weirdly, frankly, and move away from him on the Group W Bench. (Name that tune!) Also, he's a self-described Old-Tory Flâneur, not a Lib-Centrist Frisky Flambo in the know on the go ;).

Well, today *is* offically "Self-Esteem Dream Day," eh? If you know the solution to this problem, both Frank and I would be grateful if you'd email him (at the addie on his profile) and provide a walk-through for him. (I do have admin rights; but, I will not push my luck using them because, aside from the fact it would be the only exercise I get, one thing I do know: Frank began this enterprise and I believe what he does with, for, and to it his business; but, I tell you this in case you might think this to be a solution when we've already tried this one.)

If you can be of assistance, TIA.

Undeniably, NoT Frank Wilson, KIA
p.s. I have tried Google Help Gropes and BloggerTalk, etc.


  1. Anonymous5:18 AM

    I suppose that when Books Inq was first registered with Google, Frank was the author and this is how the blog is indexed for searching. That is, whoever posts on the blog, Google regards Frank as "its author" - just the way its algorithm works I suppose.

    There are ways you as co-publisher of the blog can optimise your search in Google, via submitting relevant metadata associated with your publication (eg your name in this case). I am not sure how to go about this but a publisher (of newspapers or books, say) should do, or there are probably loads of independent advice services to help you optimize search.

    Or possibly Frank could alter the settings in Google when he registered the blog with Blogger - for example one can register a single-author blog or a group blog. Maybe he could re-register Books Inq as a group blog with the two of you named. I think he'd have to do this, though, if he registered the blog originally.

    What you probably need is a 14-year-old person who will inarticulately mumble at your computer for an hour or so, then all will be fixed but you will never know why.

  2. What we all need, Maxine, is that 14-year-old mumbler. Find her,please.