Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... A quiet scholar who broke barriers.

... Nicest White House occupant ever.

... For 2 Beats, a beginning.

... Biography of lawyer Jim Beasley falls short.

... On trail of Einstein's fourth idea.

... A writer grapples with loneliness, being alone (the compleat review!).

... Obama chooses 'the perfect inaugural poet'. (I'm not sure that being "the perfect inaugural poet" is something one would aim at. But that's just me.)

I think I might take issue with one detail of the Beasley review: "By the time his case settled, Cipriano writes, 'I was so fond of my lawyer I didn't want to say goodbye' - not exactly the critical detachment of a biographer." I see no reason why you could not write a perfectly serviceable biography of somebody you were fond of. Moreover, in this case, the fight with The Inquirer would seem altogether pertinent. "I grew fond of my lawyer as he helped me kick my former employer's ass." Sounds reasonable to me.

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