Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life in reverse ...

... Running Backwards.

For years, when I would mention this Scott Fitzgerald story to people, they would tell me they never heard of it. Now it's a movie.


  1. Yes, and knowing that the movie was coming, I went and re-read the story in a collection at the public library. Having seen the trailer for the movie two-three times, it would seem Hollywood has added all sorts of things that are not there. It's not that good a story, anyway, in my opinion, so they can't do much damage, I guess. Not that they could in any case; the story is still there.

  2. If you see the movie, Roger, I'd be interested in your impression / assessment of it.

    And, Frank, speaking of stories, did you know that FSF once smacked down Ernie? Ernie never got over it, being all Ernie and all, IIRC. (I think "smack-down" applies to wrestling; but, here, I mean the real thing, BOXING.) How tall was FSF, anyway, I wonder?

  3. And why do they call them "trailers" when they come BEFORE the movie is released? Maybe for the same reason a Mississippi boat that pushes barges ahead of it is called a "towboat"? When we wuz kids they were called "coming attractions," but we've progressed since then. (The fillums were called coming attractions, I mean, not the boats.)