Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Latest on Elizabeth Alexander:

Poet Chosen for Inauguration Is Aiming for a Work That Transcends the Moment

Meanwhile, back at the press: Graywolf Plans Instant Book on Inauguration Day Poem

Hrm . . . I've been thinking . . . I bet we could write a poem, in the new year, collectively, that would do its duty admirably. Yes we can. What think you? Among us, there are many fine poets. "How did we dream ourselves into being?" First line. Lots of time.

Right now, the entire world (except yours truly) is shopping (to which I am allergic; and, besides, I don't accommodify this most holy of days; it's personal and passionate; but, it's not about Santa who has, I see, just been proven to be Canadian; and, it further seems, has his own Blackbarry now; so, natch, Mrs. Santa can call him and tell him to pick up the dry cleaning and kids and milk, not necessarily in that order).

[Judith Fitzgerald, Shameless Beggar]


  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    I like Graywolf Press. They've brought back some fabulous books from the dead. They are a respected presence in independent publishing.

  2. I like Graywolf, too, Lynne. They brought out Per Petterson's wondrous Out Stealing Horses and my friend Dana Gioia's Disappearing Ink.

  3. Me, three. It publishes poetry and treats it respectfully. I hope this doesn't read as though I'm launching a barb at it since I'm not. Who could *not* like a publisher that lovingly invests in writers the calibre of this list, but one of several many pages, all of them stunning?

  4. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I read Out Stealing Horses about two months ago. It was really good. The problem is that you often have to stumble across these fine books. I do tend to give a book a second look if Graywolf Press is involved. Lynne