Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All rather boring...

...Straight and narrow: how pop lost its gay edge

...the lack of gay influence on rock music is a sign of increasing tolerance. "There's not much gay influence to be seen in the music business these days because gays are accepted, nobody cares. Young people are so aware of all things gay that there's nothing new for them to take from it. Gays have gone normal. It's all rather boring."

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  1. Some interesting observations, but conclusively misses the vote. For example, this ignores the impact that "Glee" is having on culture right now, a TV show with openly gay and metrosexual main characters. Gays have gone "normal"? Not in any universe in which the far right keeps trying to take away gay rights, in some cases take away civil rights that were hard-won. Taking away civil rights: this would be the first time that happens on a Consitutional level. "Normal"? Hardly.

    The reason pop music these days is so tepid, bland, and un-edgy is that it is a packaged commodity, period, in which the producers and shapers of image have more to contribute than the musicians. Pop stars these days have no individuality because they're not allowed it: the music doesn't drive the music industry, the profits do. The business guys don't go out to find new bands—they create them. Britney Spears, for example, was totally invented.