Sunday, February 26, 2012

Perversely irresistible...

...The gay Nabokov

Nabokov was the archenemy of cliche, a writer passionately committed to overturning tired literary conventions through careful observation of the real world, but his homosexual characters are as a rule egregiously stereotyped.


  1. My heavens, what a sad story. On any moral scale, is it not Sergei's heroism that counts the most? As for Vladimir, he certainly had something to answer for.

  2. Yes, it is also symbolic that Sergei lost his stutter when he began his protests against the Nazis.

  3. This just confirms my prior feelings about Nabokov the novelist, that he was a prig. I knew he was quite homophobic, but this story was a revelation. It's nice to see Sergei get some attention; maybe this is the start of a necessary reassessment and reabsorption of missing history.