Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dishabille as art...

...Conversations in the nude

By far, the most interesting part of what I do is asking people if they would pose naked for me. They instantly imagine I have ulterior motives. Very few take the offer at its face value. I get varied reactions—chiefly outrage, of course. I am told: “Are you out of your mind?” “Do you know what you are asking?” “You dirty pervert.” A 35-year-old working woman tersely said, “I am married.” “So bring your husband along,” I said. (She later posed for me, but not in her husband’s presence.)


  1. One of the odder experiences in my life was standing in front a finely painted nude while having a conversation with the model.

  2. This is very much in the spirit of artist Frederick Franck: painting the real person, capturing their person, not idealizing them, but presenting them honestly. It's a good model for drawing/seeing.

    I ask folks to pose nude for me regularly, as well. And they do. Prudery and shame are the first things that evaporate when they actually get past their own fears.