Saturday, February 25, 2012

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... Review: Waiting for Sunrise by William Boyd – and win a copy - The Dabbler.

Waiting for Sunrise is my first encounter with the work of William Boyd. Had I known that he was such an exponent of the almost-lost art of descriptive writing, I would have acquired all of his books as they hit the shelves. He is able, seemingly effortlessly, to take the reader directly into a scene ...

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  1. Read his short story, "Not Yet, Jayette". I have it in The Devil and the Giro, an anthology of Scottish short stories, but it comes from his short story collection, On the Yankee Station (1981). It's a very humorous and wonderful put-down of child stars and Hollywood. Yet ultimately it's deeply disturbing.

    I've recently read his Ordinary Thunderstorms, which I enjoyed.