Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My latest column ...

... When Falls the Coliseum - The resurrection of the body.


  1. Hi Frank, do you believe in the concept of Original Sin? Do you think that death ought to be considered a condign punishment from it? I ask this not from a theological point of view, but otherwise.

  2. I believe in what the concept -- the mythos, if you will -- of Original Sin attempts to encapsulate. I am also inclined to think that this entails a dimension of justice. It does, after all, come with the territory, as they say. As the quid pro quo of life it is indeed condign. These notions are so ancient and so widespread that they have to be taken as reflecting a fundamental human response to being, to what Rudolf Otto called the Mysterium tremendum. There may be something awesome about being, but there is also somthing terrifying about it as well.

  3. I would like to believe that death cannot be considered deserving response to anything, including something mythic and fundamental to humanity. Sure, death is an absolute in its own right and calls for philosophical inquiry but to see it as condign punishment reeks of fatalism. IMHO!