Monday, January 30, 2017


'The International Age of Trump Cli-FiShort Story Writing Compilation''
(not a contest and no winners, but with an important purpose and chance to air your views as a short story writing in this Age of Trump, either pro or con Trump, all views accepted.)
Stories will be published with your byline on a designated Facebook Group Page and on a separate blogspot blog with Twitter announcing the entire list of stories with links to the individual stories by the individual authors.
Story length 800 - 2500 words.
Byline should be your real name.
Copyright belongs to you and you may publish the story elsewhere as well if you wish, but the story should be original and written in 2017 or 2018 in this Age of Trump.
Time frames may be the past, the present, the near future, the distant future. As stories come in, they will be published here and on a separate blog. Stories should be cli-fi in essence and they should use the words Trump or Age of Trump in the text somewhere, perhaps in the title, too.
Again, all POV are welcome so if there is a Michael Chrichton out there who wants submit a "State of Fear" kind of pro-Trump short story that is pro-Age of Trump, that is fine, too.
However, one suspects that most entries will be taking aim at Trump and the Age of Trump and his attitudes toward climate change issues.
Stories may be Time Travel or Current Days or Near Future Days, whatever your imagination tells you to write.
The compilation starts today, and will continue for a year or two or three or maybe 8 years. Time will tell.
Stories may be Cli-Fi Lite, Cli-fi Dark, Cli-Fi Deep, or Cli-Fi Humor. All writers are welcome, all nationalities, all languages, all ages.
Starting NOW! -- send in your stories by email to subject line ''The International Age of Trump Cli-Fi Short Story Writing Compilation'' to this email address:

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  1. A friend, who is not a writer of fiction, but a lifelong reader of novels, tells me today re this short story compilation: ''I'm no fiction writer, but a scenario recently occurred to me: Sometime in the future, when robots are commonplace and even self-aware, they start objecting to any restrictions that might adversely affect themselves, including environmental concerns restricting whatever is needed — fuel, etc. — to maintain themselves. They wouldn't care about food, of course, but maintaining the grid might be of paramount importance to them and could put them at odds with super-green humans.''