Friday, January 20, 2017

Paging Jeff Bezos …

… David Gelernter and the Life of the Mind - Washington Free Beacon. (Hat tip, Dave lull.)

… since politics over the past few decades has become perhaps the key marker of social class for those who see themselves as the intellectual elite, David Gelernter’s politics mean that he cannot be an intellectual. Unfortunately, he’s undeniably a very smart man, one of the youngest people ever to receive tenure at Yale. A dilemma, yes?
Proof that you can be a self-appointed member of the intellectual elite and dumb as a post (even a Washington Post).

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  1. Gelernter and Jaganathan's book Programming Linguistics is remarkable. If I remember correctly, Gelernter's Machine Beauty included notions that prefigured what Facebook has since done. He shows, here and there in the book about being bombed, a taste for setting up straw men to knock down again. But anti-intellectual?

    "Intellectual" like "jock" reflects an inclination more than a talent or vocation. There are persons one would have to count as intellectuals who lack intellect, just as there are jocks who can't throw an accurate pass.