Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hmm …

… How a Christmas Eve tweet roiled a university.

“All I want for Christmas is white genocide.” So the guy claims this was satire, because "white genocide" is "a paranoid racist fantasy." But jokes about genocide have a tendency to fall flat, especially on Christmas (you know, "peace on Earth" and all that). And exactly how am I to understand from his tweet that it is meant satirically? I guess "Off the Pigs" was meant for yucks as well. (Full disclosure, as they say: I am the son of a cop, and the uncle of another.)

The article says he "teaches radical theory and has written on the Venezuela revolution." Is that a radical theory of something in particular or a theory about thinking things down to their roots (radix — root). Oh, and how's that revolution in Venezuela working out, Prof?

Interesting that just about every comment is negative.

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