Monday, May 25, 2020

A look at the numbers …

… The United States Does NOT Lead in Coronavirus Deaths.

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  1. Yes, in fact, for sure, the USA shamefully and tragically leads the world in Coronavirus deaths and other associated excess deaths. That's not even a question. You cannot spin that.

    No, we do not lead in per capita deaths. However, we are in the top 10 losers of life per person -- and, of course, all the numbers are not in -- and got the virus later than each of the countries in the top ten. Is this suppose to make all the mourners and all the current sufferers feel better, that even though we are the worst in the world in number of dead, we are only in the bottom ten per capita?

    Not to make the the corona virus olympics, let's see where we end up. No matter what, it's been a horrific cluster-flock in leadership -- here in the USA. Maybe South American and African countries will make us look a little better. But what looks better than 100,000 dead Americans, not even half way through the year?