Wednesday, May 27, 2020

More about the numbers …

… Rethinking COVID-19 Mortality Statistics | American Council on Science and Health. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

There are two fundamental points often ignored when referring to “the death toll from COVID-19.”
  • There is no evidence or proof offered by any scientist, pathologist, or virologist that confirms COVID-19 as the “cause” of death in the certification process. 
  • An expanded definition of a “COVID-19 death” was enacted by the CDC on March 24th, to include probable cases. This conflates and clusters test results creating a source of both under and overestimation. “COVID-19 deaths are identified using a new ICD-10 code. When COVID-19 is reported as a cause of death or when it is listed as a ‘probable’ or ‘presumed’ cause, it is coded as UO7.1 This can include cases with or without laboratory confirmation.” [emphasis added]  

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