Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Transatlantic dialogue …

… The big debate: is lockdown wrong? | Spectator USA. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

This is really worth reading — all of it, both sides.

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  1. The lesson of the Spanish flu, is not to lift the safety rules too early, right? What happened was that WWI ended, and soldiers returned home. The businesses that had re-opened too early, did not want to close again. There were celebrations all over, and then the second, most deadly spike occurred. Lesson learned -- except for people who want to call themselves skeptics. Is there a difference between a skeptic and a denier?

    Also, we are clearly already over the 116,000 mark, fudge the 100,000 we are at now by 50% to get a conservative estimate of actual Covid-19 deaths. Both WWI and the Asian flu took a year to reach all of 116,000, and most like the Asian flu did not. It's quite possible that we are as high as 200,000 dead already, which starts to put us in WWII territory, 419,000 US casualties in 4 years. And if we do not stay safe for each other, like we do not drive down the wrong side of the road, and discharge a weapon on city sidewalks, and call that a civil liverty, we could be there in 4 years. Without a vaccine, there is no good reason to bet any more lives that we won't.

    Now, lets add in those cancer and heart attack deaths, of people who did not go to the hospital because there was a pandemic on, but did not have Covid-19 itself. That is an uncounted number of Covid-19 casualties. They are casualties that we would not have suffered had there not been a deadly virus going around. Unless our plan was to not tell anyone about the virus, somehow keeping the horrific now hundreds of thousand of excess deaths that have been sweeping loved ones away from familes and friends -- no matter our health policy or lack thereof, those people would have stayed away from the hospitals. A skeptic cannot debate them into life, if only.

    This "skeptic" like the others that I have read, is somehow willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of people, for a false civil liberty. No one has a civl liberty to kill hundreds of thousands of people. Why not all walk around nude when there isn't even a pandemic? Is there some unprotected civil liberty there, that nudists ought to be protesting daily on? Surely less people would have died from nudity, than by allowing no masks and no social distancing during a pandemic. Covid-19 is a virus, which spreads from person to person. For over 2/3 of the time a person is infectious with the virus, she does not even know it. They have no right to be loose cannons.

    What about the inconvenience of putting up guard rails so that people do not die? Some would say they are unsightly. Is there a good vanity reason for so many people to die? How many people gave their lives too early this year, gave up days, weeks, months, years, decades of their precious-to-God lives, so that skeptics could have the civil liberty not to wear masks?

    The easy lesson of the Spanish flu, is not to flood businesses and streets. There's a pandemic on. The true vermin and diseased are not crossing the border from Mexico, no. It's us.