Sunday, May 31, 2020

Call them irresponsible …

… (4) Michael J. Matt on Twitter: "Praise God, despite riots and lockdowns here in Minnesota, we went back inside our churches today. Thanks be to God and our courageous bishops who fought for us and won. A happy and holy Pentecost." / Twitter.

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  1. It is possible to do it safely, but that's nothing to "fight" for. It's what the whole country, the world in fact, is trying to do everywhere -- good science, good planning and good leadership.

    Note in the video, every other pew empty, and no one shouting or singing, no Eucharist being given out to person after person. Worshipers praying. No need for the health department to shut the church down.

    However, if it is found that this "responsible" church spreads the virus into the community by doing things this way, then we will need to re-access. Maybe every 3rd pew. Maybe limit the number of worshipers in the building at any given time. Maybe check to be sure that there are no spreaders in the gatherings after the service. And so on. And then pass those lessons onto other parishes.