Saturday, January 08, 2022

No kidding …

… Scientists Endorse Covid Boosters, But to a Point - The New York Times.
Everyone should get a booster shot. In the long run, though, doses every few months aren’t a viable public health strategy, scientists say.
I am 80 years old. I have been tested many times. When Debbie was in rehab awhile back, I couldn’t visit her until I was tested. So that was two or three times a week. Result was always negative. I have spent a lot of time with vaxxed people — who can infect me. We are now into this for more than two years. Think there’s a chance I have natural immunity?

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  1. You do not, no. Let me put it with some humor: You are human too. But it is a common "delusion" that you are bold enough to speak out. Your system may be in good operating condition, as mine seems to be too, but we are human and can catch the virus. We are still over 1300 new Covid-19 deaths per day. Those victims were like you and me for two years, right? They had not caught Covid-19 -- yet. They were probably playing with the idea that their immune systems were somehow superior to the virus. It was never so. Humans eventually lose this battle, millions suffer terribly, millions die. So far, you and I have dodged the armor-piercing bullets.

    By the way, you posted the stat that 1 in 100 US senior citizens have been killed by the virus. That's based on passing the 800,000 fatality point. But -- that was based only on the count. We are well over a million actual dead. We passed that point in late summer/early fall. At that time, the stat would have been about 1 in 80 senior citizens. Now where are we, 1 in 70?