Monday, July 13, 2009


I've just finished Anatole Broyard's Kafka Was The Rage - and I must say: what a great book! Like A Moveable Feast or Baudelaire's Parisian Prowler, Broyard's memoir of the Village captures the spirit of the age - in this case, the period immediately following the Second World War. Broyard's prose pack a real punch, and the result is a short meditation on the Bohemian Experience which is fun to read and richly rewarding. Broyard had something of the flaneur in him - and that, I think, is what makes Kafka Was The Rage so enjoyable.


  1. You’d also enjoy—well, “enjoy” is not the right word—Broyard’s Intoxicated by My Illness.

  2. John Brumfield2:20 PM

    Broyard was such a great book reviewer. And I don't say "great" lightly.

  3. DGM: Thanks for the suggestion. It's now on my list. --Jesse