Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Made it to the Gathering!!!

Although my 5 and 7 year old girls did implore me not to got to the "Scattering" as they called it, I explained it is but once a year that Mommy gets to do something for herself.

I begin to go into detail about the importance of nurturing my creative process, but they roll their eyes and ask what there is to eat. "It is OK", I say to myself, "they do not have to get it. And they will be just fine without me, just fine."

I throw my luggage in the car and drive off 10 minutes down the road. Hooray! Fending off the slings and arrows of guilt hurling children, I have arrived at the Gathering once again.

The theme this year- "There and Back Again -Time,Place and Story" already is resonating with me as I navigate the first 10 minutes of my arrival.

I think back to my uncertainty in the first minutes of the Gathering last year and how this year I am transformed - striding confidently to the correct building, having parked in the most convenient lot, free of trepidation about the unknown. I immediately see the two coolest Librarians I have ever met - my suite mates from last year. I feel welcome, I feel at home.

I am simply overjoyed to be here and grateful that I have the opportunity to be part of such a special convergence on this day... in this place... a new chapter of the Gathering begins.

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