Thursday, July 30, 2009

Settle in ...

... for a long ride: A New Page. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

This strikes me as self-indulgently long. Maybe he was paid by the word. Anyway, the lead is interminably repetitive and much else, I think, could have been cut. But the part about the development of E Ink is interesting. I don't remember all the negative reviews of the Kindle 1 myself. I have one and I like it. I didn't approach it as a conventional book, so I didn't have any problem about "turning the pages." I also assume that the technology will steadily improve and that many of the complaints - regarding illustrations, for instance - will fade with time.

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  1. Yes Frank, the New Yorker does pay by the word. I decided to take out a subscription a few weeks back, and had not received my first copy even after 6 weeks!! I also subscribe to Paste and I get that within 10 days of their posting it in the US. I have cancelled the subscription now. Most articles anyway end up in anthologies sooner or later.