Friday, July 17, 2009

The Gathering - Day 2 Mid-Day

The Gathering is in full swing now.

The morning program brought us the sensibilities of Nancy Willard on a quest for adventure summoning the magical portals we have all been promised via fairy tales and fantasy fiction.

As she described her own yearning for something she could not have as a child - an opening to somewhere radically different, a place where magic resides. I felt like she was talking to me. Yes! I thought. I was always aggrieved that I did not find Lucy's wardrobe, Alice's Rabbit Hole, Coraline's door to no where.

Still I am not 100% convinced they do not exist in our physical realm, doesn't physics offer us black holes and worm holes? Surely there must then be that passage in a tree or old building waiting for us all if only we have the wisdom and courage to find it and walk through?

I am persuaded that that magic door is not outside of us, it is our own openness to conjure the journey of creation - a story, an artwork, an experience.

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