Friday, March 10, 2006

Done in by themselves ...

Here's an interesting list - the 10 worst autobiographies: Condemned by their own words.

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  1. They missed out Jordan's two, David Beckham's (approx) 3, Ulrike (someone -- TV weather girl), Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice), and endless celebs and/or sports "personalities" too numerous to mention. I do mention these particular names as their books were or are all bestsellers in the UK, and were all written by people in their 20s or maybe 30s. (As I posted on Petrona the other week, the singer Charlotte Church is going to publish hers in time for her 21st birthday apparently).

    Mind you, I have not read any of the above so they could be works of genius for all I know. But I suspect they are all quite a bit worse than the Independent's list, some of which were actually written by the person themselves, eg Lillian Hellman's, which although controversially putting herself in a better light than she should have done --- Frey does not seem to have much on her ---, was readable and written by her. And I am sure Frey (also on list) wrote his own ( ;-) ), and from all accounts is readable enough.

    Just another one of those snidy mainstream media stories that is demonstrably wrong, then? (Though I am with them on Anthea Turner, who I think is most famous for allowing Cadbury's to sponsor her wedding and to be photographed for the cover of Hello or OK! going down the aisle eating a Flake chocolate bar.)