Friday, March 10, 2006

I am on record here ...

... as being skeptical of experts. (As I never tire of pointing out, the consensus among astronomers at the time of Galileo favored the Tychonic System over the Copernican -- they were of course wrong. Joseph Lister had problems convincing his peers of the need for antiseptics. One could go on.) But Maxine Clarke links to something that may indicate an area where expertise is a definite asset (of course, to be serious, it's always an asset): Does it pay to be an Oscar expert?
Apparently it does.


  1. The tide this year was almost unanimously in favour of Brokeback. I wouldn't fault the experts for this though. The Academy made its decision on considerations other than merit, for sure.

    And now we are also seeing, at least in India, a slew of writers explaining how Crash is a more realistic film. Oh please!

  2. I didn't see Crash. My wife did and was underwhelmed. Since I think Capte is just about perfect, I naturally think it should have been chosen best picture. I am rarely impressed by Hollywood "realism." I hail from the "working class." Hollywood doesn't get it. I have had many friends in low places and spent much time in such places. Hollywood's version rarely rings true.