Sunday, May 28, 2006

A chat with an online publisher ...

Charles Ries interveiws Carol Novack, editor/publisher of Mad Hatter's Review.

I plan on adding much to my blogroll before the day is out. But I have also been using the holiday weekend to relax a bit and become reacquainted with my wife.

Carol Novack also has a blog: I am not who I think I am or is it whom?


  1. Thank you for providing a link to the interview, Frank! Rus Bowen wrote to tell me of your fine, much needed article. As an online lit zine advocate, I appreciate it!

    I'll be adding a link to your blog in mine.

    Happy memories this weekend!


  2. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for posting this up, spreading the word about such a great online review.



    Congratulations and thank you on such a fine zine. It's outside the box in a remarkable direction.


    The current issue is nicely done, and I had a good time this morning in, among other spots, Mental Theatre.

    Good work, and lots of it, go into something like this.