Saturday, May 27, 2006

Commerce vs. tradition ...

Bill Kauffman looks at The Old-Fashioned Three-Day Weekend . (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)
Had it been up to me I would have legislated a four-day Thanksgiving weekend and left the rest alone. But I can see why more than just businesses would like the long weekends.


  1. Some people think all the weekends should be 3 day week ends. There's a political party in Canada that pushes it, I'm told. And the guys over at Oh!Pinion think it would be a good way to use less gas.


  2. I think it would end up using more gas myself. People just wouldn't be driving to their jobs.

  3. Never mind about the gas, let's just go for the 3 day weekend!

    Very grateful for this current one as it is bedtime Sunday and I have been so busy blogging I forgot to do the weekly online supermarket shop. Thankfully, tomorrow is a bank hol in the UK so I can do it then, gasless! (My online supermarket has a "green van" option, so you can book your delivery at the same time as they are delivering to someone else in a road near you. Isn't that cute? "Small is beautiful" power of the internet, in action.