Monday, May 29, 2006

The idiocy continues ...

... with another book-banning effort: Won't Somebody Please Think Of The Children. I think this is a typical list compiled by adults who think these are just the sort of books kids ought to read. I wouldn't have wanted to read many of them when I was in school - or now for that matter - but I'd never think of banning them. Book banners never seem to realize that the best way to turn people off on a book is to put it on a required-reading list - and the best way to draw attention to one is by banning it. (Hat tip again to Maxine.)


  1. The Botany of Desire????? As if plant 'sex' is somehow racier or more explicit than what's on network TV.

    How bizarre.

    Wow--should I be concerned that my 7th grader warned us not to eat mushrooms because they were the sexual reproductive organs of the plant? The nerve of his science teacher, teaching him about sex!

    /sarcasm off. . .


    Seriously, the whole book banning issue makes no sense to me.

  2. I think people who ban books are on to a loser, it is a bit of a joke in this internet age, to be sure.
    I like the work Lee Lowe is writing on Into the Lowelands, for example, but it is aimed at "young adults" and as such, I would think quite strong stuff. Certainly compared with many of these banned books (and the ones on Dave's list). Who can "ban" internet writing?